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Coleman Research Group attracts some of the most highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals in their field through flexibility

Posted by Admin On7th October 2009

The Coleman Research Group Executive Forum

Knowledge is one of the most powerful assets any of us have access to. Without it, we make incorrect or inaccurate decisions that can lead to damaging results in any field and in any industry. Businesses rely on individuals that possess the highest level of knowledge, and so to do institutional investors. Coleman Research Group is a leading primary research group that matches financial investors to leading professionals with extensive industry experience and knowledge.

A Pool Of Knowledgeable Professionals

The Executive Forum is a pool of professionals from an extensive range of industries. These executives offer consultations with investors so that they can impart relevant information and enable sensible and timely decisions to lead to sound investments. Not only does this lead to success for the investor themselves but also for those that are directly affected by that investment.

Executive Forum Membership Benefits

For each consultation Forum members are paid an hourly rate which they set themselves. As well as the financial benefits, members of the Executive Forum are able to help shape the decisions made by institutional investors and engage in educated conversations in a field about which they are extremely knowledgeable.

Offering Flexibility

Coleman Research Group attracts some of the most highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals in their field through flexibility. Forum registration and membership is completely free and members are always able to accept or turn down any consultation offered to them.

Professional Members

The forum itself is made up of professionals of every type including scientists, doctors, consultants, professors, directors, and more. These high level professionals are able to offer the deepest insight into an industry and impart the most accurate and pertinent information on investors that are always keen to receive this level of data.

The Coleman Research Group Forum

Coleman Research Group is widely recognized as a leader in the field of research for financial investment. As such, they attract some of the biggest institutional investors, as well as some of the most revered of industry professionals. Once an executive is invited to join the forum they will then be able to help educate investors and have a hand in the investment decisions that they make by providing accurate information.

“Coleman Research Group found the best contact I’ve spoken to in the office products space. Additional contacts not even needed.”

~ Analyst at $3.4B

New York Hedge Fund

“The two consultants provided by Coleman Research Group were invaluable to my decision-making process. They identified the key issues to probe with management, and helped interpret management’s responses to these questions. They were absolutely the right guys for this project.”

~ Analyst at a $2B

Long/Short Fund

New York City

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